In a not so distant future, a manned shuttlecraft sets down on the unfamiliar terrain of a supposedly uninhabited planet. The shuttle doors open. A passenger takes a tentative step forward. They are the most recent breed of pioneer.

As the students at Santa Fe University of Art and Design will discover, the planet is not as vacant as previously thought. At 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct 29, the annual Halloween dance will begin with a massive abduction. Students are invited to join the extraterrestrial fun at the Driscoll Fitness Center and help themselves to spooky refreshments, human experimentation and a galactic dance floor.

The Student Activities Board decided on the theme Abduction at its pre-semester brainstorming session, the time in which they gather to discuss concepts and details of the year’s upcoming events. “We don’t wanna do just another Halloween dance,” Meg Colburn says. Colburn is the manager of SAB. “We want to do something that’s going to draw in students.” While the dance will have nostalgic elements of Halloween, it will also have a futuristic, electropop twist.

Chantelle Mitchell, SAB’s social media and marketing chairwoman, agrees that it was time to move on from skeletons and cobwebs. “We wanted there to be a background story,” she says. The layout of the dance will depict a tale of abduction developed by SAB’s creative team, only the most recent of many events coordinated by the student run board.

For Mitchell, SAB has not only been an opportunity to work on a variety of events including SFUAD Olympics, Easter eggs hunts, bouncy days and many more small-scale events, but has been a valuable tool in making friends in an atmosphere where all voices make an impact. “Everybody wants to have their ideas brought to life,” Mitchell says. Mitchell, a junior Creative Writing and Literature major, has been a member of SAB since her very first semester and encourages students to consider getting involved. SAB accepts new members year round from all departments and hosts weekly open meetings on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. in Benildus 100, to which all students are invited to attend.

Colburn encourages students to come dressed up in their most ghoulish garments. “We want to [take over social media] with your creative ideas,” Colburn says. Photographers and photo booths will be available to document the cross-genre experience. “Prepare for a different mood… a different style.”  Dress up, enjoy a mocktail, and as Colburn says, “Prepare to be abducted.”

Entry requires a student ID.