Studio Arts senior Mary Grace Kelley breaks ground on her next project for her Scale and Practices class with David Lee. Photo by Jesus Trujillo.


In the quiet halls of Alexis, Jackalope Magazine caught up with Studio Arts senior Mary Grace Kelley as she started an abstract expressionist piece for David Lee’s Scale and Practice class. Her piece will focus on deconstructing simple forms, as well as determining how scaled pieces fit together. Kelley is still deciding on a final design, but is confident in her ability to work with the subject matter. Kelley has until the end of April to finish her piece, giving her plenty of time to create her own vision. For this project, she will primarily use canvas and paint, a left turn from her practice of using household items for art purposes. The Studio Arts senior is just starting this piece but feels as though it has more potential “I’m gonna build from small up to create its own entity.”