Diverse work of art

Alex Slim, a junior acting major, answers Rebeca Gonzalez’ questions for her group show. Photo by Hawie Veniegas


Junior acting major Alex Slim is one of the models for senior Photography major Rebeca Gonzalez’ senior group show. Gonzalez’ work showcases the beauty and diversity of women in United States. As part of her process, Gonzalez interviews her models in order to consider their thoughts and experiences as she makes her photographs. Gonzalez also intends to show her photographs through cyanotype, an alternative process to make an image with blue tonality. Gonzalez  along with her peers Jennifer Carrillo, Richard Sweeting, Marco Rivera, Hawie Veniegas, Jason Stilgebouer and Alexia Moreno will be participating in the group show show held in Fogelson Library on April 28.