It’s Happening—One Night Only

For one night only, Alexis Reveles presents It’s Happening, a Critical Space Exhibition, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Thursday Dec. 7. “This is Alexis’ pre-BFA project,” said Tom Miller, lead faculty of the Visual Arts Department, “The project was to get each student to learn how to install their own selection. Alexis has always been a focused artist that has always been interested in fashion, illustration and has tried to challenge our comfort zones with what could be considered shocking material.”

Reveles’ show is about exploring intimate, fleeting moments through sex, specifically gay sex. “I draw erotica,” Reveles said, “not for the shock value. I’m trying to push the idea that these moments happen, even though we don’t see it.” Reveles will be exploring these ideas through collage illustrations on starched fabric on painted backdrops. “I wanted to make a show that isn’t just a painting on a wall,” Reveles said, “For me it’s not about selling the work, it’s about the experience. That’s why the drawings will be gone after the show is over.”

Reveles offers a unique perspective and his illustrations are beautifully crafted and very well thought out. This will be a once in a lifetime experience; it is a moment that people should not miss out on. It’s Happening will be taking place in the Critical Space Gallery, next to the Marion Center.