Introducing 1905 MAGAZINE


Thomas and Romero holding the covers of the January and February issues

Thomas and Romero holding the covers of the January and February issues.

1905 Magazine has been a buzzing topic amongst the SFUAD student body as of late. Darnell Thomas and Mariah Romero, editors of the magazine, have put their heart and soul into this self-made, long-term project.

The first issue was released Jan. 1, 2015 and since then, the magazine has gotten a roaring number of 500 views per magazine.

1905 was made to be very inclusive in the SFUAD community, combining inserts of writing, graphic design, fashion photography, animation and experimental creativity, in order to build our fashion population on campus.

“You wouldn’t believe how many people at this school are here to pursue fashion in the long run,” says Thomas. “The goal was to get everyone together who loves fashion just as much as we do.” Thomas and Romero sat down with Jackalope Magazine to expose the inside of 1905, balancing the magazine with their coursework, and what draws them forward.


Jackalope Magazine: What was the motivation behind this magazine?

1905 Magazine: We wanted to surface our fashion community and bring more life to it. We also just wanted to do something that wasn’t school related, and take the initiative to start something people would to refer to and showcase their work in a different way.


JM: What kind of submissions do you take? Is it more than fashion or are you guys keeping it pretty strict?

1905: 1905 is a fashion magazine, but we take all kinds of submissions. We take inspirational writing pieces, illustrations and photography in all genres, but in the designing aspect we make it as fashion forward as possible. This second issue was definitely more open to different styles and people’s creative differences and that’s what we hope to keep going forward.


JM: Why the name 1905 Magazine?

1905: Finding a name was very difficult. Everything we came up with was either already taken or too cheesy. We tried names in French, Spanish and finally we decided to take one of our favorite clothing designers, Christian Dior, and make it his birth year. It just fit and it was perfect for us.


JM: Any contributing faculty members that helped out with 1905?

1905:  We had a lot of faculty support and that’s where we really feel it counts in the long run. No one really helped us put it together, that was definitely on our end, but support with teachers telling us how cool this project is. Stuff like that. Rachel Gantt did reach out to us once we launched our first issue on Jan. 1, just to promote it and get it known around the student body. She did point out that January was spelled wrong at the time, but we made the quick fix. So she was an awesome contributor in that aspect. Who we really want to shout out is the students who contribute, who congratulated us and loved what came out of it. It’s nice to have people who love this project as much as we do.


JM: What is the balance like between working, school and building this magazine with all its content each month?

1905: It’s hard but we are really passionate about this project, which makes it easy to find time to put into it. We take advantage of every free moment we have to talk to each other about what the next move is. Communication is key!


JM: What do you guys hope to accomplish with 1905 in the next six months?

1905: Just for it to be seamless. We are so excited for each month and we just hope for it to evolve into an even better issue then before. We don’t want to set expectation for each issue because we want to exceed it.